Following the anomaly scan at 20 weeks there is still half of the pregnancy to go before you see your precious little one again.

At New Life Baby Scan Sheffield, we offer Reassurance Scans throughout pregnancy from 14 weeks. This gives you the opportunity to check in with your little one and make sure things are going okay. We will take measurements and from 24 weeks we will give you an estimated weight and tell you how your baby is lying (presentation). Optional sexing after 16 weeks also available.

New life reassurance scan sheffield.jpg

To give you the best experience at New Life Baby Scan, please:

  • Arrive 10 minutes before your appointment to give yourself time to complete the necessary paperwork. Find our Sheffield address here

  • Come with a full bladder (approximately 1 pint of water to be drunk at least 30 minutes before your scan)

  • Bring your maternity notes in case we need to contact your GP or midwife

Please note, this is not a substitute for your routine or clinically indicated antenatal scans. Should we identify something unexpected, we will refer you to your GP, midwife, or antenatal care provider. If you experience any pain, bleeding or altered fetal movements prior to your appointment with us, please contact your antenatal care provider before coming to see us.

A Complimentary rescan is not offered with the New Life Reassurance Scan.

As well as Reassurance Scans, we offer Early pregnancy Scans from 7 weeks, Gender Scans from 16 weeks, and 3D/4D Bonding Scans from 26 weeks.